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My passion as a photographer is to capture the divine beauty of nature and landscape and dive into miniature worlds that we usually do not notice. I love to experiment on the edge of the abstract and engage the viewers imagination. Rather than travelling abroad to find new and exceptional landscapes, I try to find the newness and magic right here and now in my immediate surroundings.

The spiritual perspective has been central to my life since my early youth. In this respect photography and image making has been such a wonderful tool for expressing what I see and it keeps unfolding in new and surprising ways. It has actually become a way of sharing states of being through the language of light, colour and love.

Even though the spiritual approach is the main ressource in my work, a certain amount of technical skill and equipment is necessary as a photographer. I try to limit it somewhat, to keep my joy and creativity alive. This means that I seldom carry my tripod (shame on me!), but rely on image stabilizors and high ISO values instead. Also, I do not carry an absurd amount of heavy lenses.

I usually walk with 2 SLR digital cameras, mounted and ready: My old Canon 20D with a fixed macro lens (Tamron 90mm, f2,8) for the close-up and a Canon fullframe 5DmarkII with a zoom stretching from wideangle to moderate tele (Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L IS USM) for the landscape. I also have a Canon EF 70-200mm f4 IS USM telelens, for shooting humans and other shy creatures, but rarely use it. Sometimes I take a break from the heavy SLR gear and just carry my semicompact Canon Powershot G7, but I never leave home without a camera.