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The Hidden Splendour

The mystery of our universe far exceeds our attempts to describe it. Many have tried, usually through words.  This photographic journey intends to reveal the hidden Source through the eye of the camera.

The Hidden Splendour takes us on a visual journey through 88 amazing nature photographs that capture the magical beauty of our planet.  Parallel with these physical forms, there is a communication of being, through the eternal language of colour, light and love.  

The images are meant to be used for contemplation. A title has been added to each photograph, suggesting a spiritual quality or concept, but feel free to associate your own.  If a particular image moves something in you, focus your whole attention to that inner quality and stay as long as you find it meaningful. If you are undistracted, the photograph might bring you a gift, as it did to me.

The succession of the photos follows various threads. The journey starts, like the human life, in spring, - matures through summer and ends in autumn and winter, - touching on both life and death and that which never dies.  We move from dense forests and colourful lakes to the open sea. From fullness and flowering  to emptiness and space.  From dreamy abstraction to crisp wakefulness .

The chosen photographs are mainly from local nature and landscapes here in Denmark where I live.  The results have not been achieved by invisible computer manipulation. Where artistic expression has called me to alter a picture, it is clear and out in the open.  (i.e. “Secret Abode” and “Weightlessness”).

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